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PILL and breastfeeding

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Rif3121M Wed 08-Feb-17 18:46:39

Hi, so I've been on the mini pill noriday since 3 weeks post partum, I am exclusively breastfeeding, my baby is 7 weeks old and my periods haven't returned can I use breastfeeding as a contraceptive method since I missed my pill on Monday and now have to wait 7 days so that mean next Tuesday. I know it's a minor issue compared to some but I can't find answers to this anywhere and I would like to know. I'm feeling very emotional and want to have some intimacy with my SO and just enjoy being part of a couple and not just parents. Any advice would be great thanks. Xx

dementedpixie Wed 08-Feb-17 21:29:13

I thought with the mini pill it was just 2 days to take other precautions. You could use a condom

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