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My old pill is discontinued

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Blazedandconfused Wed 08-Feb-17 11:29:25

Microgynon 30 was fine. My GP now no longer offers it. Periods are horrendous since having kids so I need something.

Attempted to have a coil fitted. Too invasive. Maybe to early after giving birth tho, was still traumatised.

Regivadon, or something, pill made me angry. Very angry. I was screaming at my babies sad Awful.

Cilest is ok, I'm on 3rd pack now but I have continuous discharge which isn't very pleasant smelling. Panty liners and pads are starting to irritate but I can't go without.

Is this likely to settle down? I was considering implant but reading lots of negative things. I suppose I'll have to try a coil again. Shit.

strawberrypenguin Wed 08-Feb-17 11:36:22

I'd say cilest isn't working for you if you have continuous discharge. I was on it for a while without problems until I started getting breakthrough bleeds. I'm now on a mini pill instead of combined is that an option for you?

Blazedandconfused Wed 08-Feb-17 19:55:20

I've booked to speak to a nurse at GP practice. I think I'd like to try different pills before opting for the coil. I shall read up on mini pill, in advance of my appt. thanks for suggestion.

Summerbab Sun 19-Feb-17 00:48:39

My GP advised that my pill had also discontinued and so put me on an cheaper version of it which didn't agree with me at all. Despite her patronising me and advising it's the same- which it obviously wasn't- I stuck to my guns and insisted I be put back on my original pill. They can still prescribe it to you it's just they don't want to as it's more expensive. If it's always worked for you then you can insist.
The nurse at the family planning clinic advised me of this after I visited because the new pill wasn't agreeing with me.

PenguinPoser Sun 19-Feb-17 00:50:47

Levest is same hormones as MG30

FreeNiki Sun 19-Feb-17 04:07:22

That is weird. You can buy the pill online at superdrug and Microgynon is cheaper than Cilest.

Wonder why it was changed.

Could you go to a family planning clinic?

MsHippo Sun 19-Feb-17 05:58:49

Regivedon is just the generic version of mycrogynon (like ibuprofen as apposed to neurofen) so it's interesting to hear you had such different side effects from it. How long did you try it for? Is it possible that there could be another explanation for feeling angry at that time?

TeamEponine Sun 19-Feb-17 08:18:53

I went from microgynon to brevinor without any problems. Might be one to try?

PenguinDi Mon 20-Feb-17 13:47:16

OP I work in a chemist and microgynon is still available on prescription, as previously said rigevideon is one of the generic alternatives for the drug combination. If you were happy with microgynon then I would talk with a pharmacist about your contraceptive choices.

littleladybird14 Wed 22-Feb-17 22:04:35

I asked my gp to be put back on microgynon after another go unknowingly changed it at my last appt angry she said it can be cost related and sometimes the system won't let them prescribe it if there js a cheaper alternative. She checked and she said there was like a pound difference so that wasn't a problem so put my back kn it smile

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