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Minipill/sex drive/natural family planning

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Tumtitum Wed 01-Feb-17 19:12:07

DD is 1 year old and I've been on the mini pill since my 6 week check up. We will probably try to conceive again fairly soon (within the next 6 months I expect) but currently my sex drive is so low I'm not sure if we will manage to DTD often enough to conceive! I would also like to have a bit of a normal, not TTC, sex life before we do TTC. I am also breastfeeding still so aware that this can impact on sex drive, as well as usual tiredness etc. I also haven't had any periods yet.
So my questions are:
- Have other people experienced low sex drive that improved after coming off the mini pill?
- We aren't fans of condoms, and I would be in favour of trying a natural family planning method, as if I fell pregnant it wouldn't be a disaster, BUT as I haven't started my periods yet are any kind of natural family planning methods even possible??
Thanks in advance for any experiences/advice smile

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