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Anyone moved from mini pill (Cerazette) to implant?

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macnab Tue 31-Jan-17 14:26:37

I've been on the mini pill for a year now and have had no problems at all, no side effects and no bleeding but I am constantly worried about remembering to take it on time given the much shorter window compared to the 'normal' pill

So, am considering the implant. My GP tells me its exactly the same hormone so shouldn't be any different. I love the idea of never having to remember to take a pill but am worried that it won't suit me the way the cerazette does. Also I have to pay €150 (am not in UK) to have it fitted (as well as €150 to buy the bloody thing!!) so I want to be sure its the right thing for me to do.

Has anyone moved from cerazette to the implant without any issues? Would love some reassurance, thanks!

MrsFinkelstein Tue 31-Jan-17 14:29:26

If you're on cerazette/nacrez (desogestral 75 product) then you have exactly the same 12 hour window as you do with the combined pill.

It's a similar progestogen hormone, but IME you are more likely to have irregular bleeding with the Implant.

macnab Tue 31-Jan-17 18:29:32

Thanks. My GP definitely said there's a 3 hour window with this pill, wouldn't have put me on it if I was likely to forget to take it.

I'd hate to have irregular bleeding - or any bleeding at all tbh since I'm now used to never bleeding. Something to think about for sure

MrsFinkelstein Tue 31-Jan-17 21:53:25

I work in sexual & reproductive health and tbh, most GPs don't have a clue about contraception.

If it is Cerazette or Nacrez you are on it definitely has a 12 hour window because desogestrel 75mcg suppresses ovulation, just like the combined pill.

Older generation mini pills (like Micronor) only affect cervical mucous and endometrial lining so only have a 3 hour window.

I would politely advise your GP to get updated before they give our more incorrect advice.

See page iii and 3 regards DSG (desogestrel) pills.

macnab Wed 01-Feb-17 20:39:38

Thanks so much MrsF
Would still like to not have to worry about taking a pill so will consider Implanon a bit more

Foxsox Wed 01-Feb-17 20:46:13

I'd advise against the Implant.
I went from cerazette for exactly the same reason as you, and mostly because it seemed like such a great idea, I don't have to think or worry.
This wasn't the case, I bled (and sometimes flooded) for 9 months. It did eventually calm down to just a regular monthly bleed, GP told me to take a pill as well to combat bleeding which I didn't do as what's the point in taking both!, and also told me that in theory I shouldn't bleed at all (helpful!)
It took a long time to get an appointment to get it out.
It's horrendous.
The majority of my friends who had it have had negative side effects, most commonly excessive bleeding.

lanbro Wed 01-Feb-17 20:50:04

For whatever reason, I seemed to turn into a raving mad woman on the implant. Had previously taken cerazette and microgynon with no problems. Only had the implant in for 6 months before I requested it's removal due to the effects!

PossibiliTea Sat 11-Feb-17 00:12:14

I did exactly that. Everyone is different. I had a very light period then none for a year and a half. After this I would have random bleeds so after a few months I had it taken out and was put on levest. No real horror stories about the implant for me though it was fantastic for ages.

LovelyBath77 Sat 13-May-17 16:49:17

Just reading as considering the same thing. I'm on Cerelle (same things as Cerazette)

I'm going to just take it when I get up each morning first thing. Maybe just having a cue like this would help?

butterfly198615 Fri 02-Jun-17 19:05:15

I've been on cerazzette didn't get on with it and I then tried microgynon but it was just a parp. So after I had my daughter my doctor recommended the implant she said even though it's a progesterone only pill because it releases slower it doesn't cause any of the side effects I was getting with the pills I had previously been on.
It's the best thing I have done.
Everyone has there own experiences with them. I was on the fence to go ahead or not with the implant as ive read horror stories but I have tried almost everything else. So gave it a go and had it for 5 years now due to get it replaced next year.
You can only try it see if it works for you and you don't have to remember to take it etc. And you get a card with the date your due to have it replaced. I think i also got a letter too to remind me go book appointment for it.
Oh You might bleed for a few weeks at first but I just dealt with it and it all settled down don't have periods now which is bliss no horrid cramps and everything else that come with it

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