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Micronor mini pill

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rosegirlxx Mon 30-Jan-17 22:42:28

Hi just wondering if anyone can give me there experiences of being on micronor. As I cannot seem to find anything online. I've been on micronor for a year and I'm fairly good at taking them on time only the odd occasion I forgot and I have periods every so often but that's not the problem I'm used to that, does anyone have pms symptoms every month even if they aren't having periods? I don't seem to recall having them at least enough for others around me to notice but over the last couple of months my boobs have been aching & im sure they are bigger this month & im also very emotional and quick to get angry, but I never used to have these symptoms- is this normal to devolop symptoms you never usually have?

estikat Wed 15-Feb-17 23:02:04

I love micronor and it's the only pill that has always worked for me.

However, two weeks ago I went to get my repeat prescription only to be told there was a manufacturing problem and I'll have to get a different prescription. I was moved into Zelleta (another type of mini pill) and I've been bleeding for the past two weeks with only a 3 day sort of break. The cramps have been so bad that painkillers don't touch it. My head is all over the place, I'm shattered, and my libido is the lowest I've ever known.

So I wish I could get back into micronor! I'm going to beg my GP tomorrow to sort this.

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