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STI check

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cantwaitforsummertimeeeeeee Tue 24-Jan-17 14:40:00

Sorry wasn't sure where to post this?

I have been having tummy problems lately and slight bleeding after sex

Had drs today who has given me an examination saying she has to test for sti?! Along with testing for infection ( non sti related ) and abnormal cells etc

I've been with my partner 2.5 yrs, we are trying for a baby and I had an sti check 2 years ago ( just to be on safe side ) and all came back ok

I've got to wait 7 days for the results if they are negative in being sent for a scan but she said unless the sti is positive then I won't need a scan

Feeling awful for doubting my boyf though?!

Anyone been few this?

I've tried to look it up but can only see that's how people have found out their partners have cheated!

Thanks guys girls xx

Ahousemadeofcheese Wed 25-Jan-17 09:41:21

Sorry I don't have anything to contribute really other than I have been having the same problems - I went to see a consultant yesterday who gave me an internal exam and I almost went through the roof!
She said I have generalised pelvic pain and it might be pelvic infection.

I am waiting on swabs and I have an ultrasound on Friday to see if that's the case.

I'm a bit disheartened as I googled it yesterday and the most likely cause is an untreated STI! I've been with the same partner for 5 years so I'm really hoping its not the case :-(

cantwaitforsummertimeeeeeee Wed 25-Jan-17 16:19:56

Oh my god so we could have the same ?

Have you ever had an STI check
Could it be something he had before you met ?

That's what I'm concerned about to be honest

cantwaitforsummertimeeeeeee Mon 30-Jan-17 19:13:09

Did you get up or results?

Mine have come back all clear so now going for blood tests

Haven't had any more bleeding
Just feel uncomfortable


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