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cycle monitoring, NFP etc...

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TurncoatEwok Sat 14-Jan-17 20:12:28

DH and I were talking about this and wondering if it might be worth considering.

I know a lot of people say you should only do it if you are happy to get pregnant grin which we are, technically, it would not be a disaster, and if it would be I wouldn't be considering NFP. We have used condoms safely for 15 years.

I was really just wondering about finding the times of the month that we could safely not use condoms really. Is it ovulation strips and that kind of thing? I monitor my periods anyway but that's it.

Hormonal contraception, coils etc not an option at all physically, and we aren't at vasectomy point yet since we may want another in a year or two.

Any thoughts/experiences please?

Thank you thanks

Weathergirl1 Mon 30-Jan-17 15:32:57

Hi there,

I ditched the pill last April and have been using Natural Cycles to monitor my cycle since then. As I was on the pill before, we've been pretty careful and used condoms all bar twice since then as I wanted to make sure my cycles were settling down. There are various other apps you can use too, but you really need to be measuring your basal body temperature as well as OPKs to determine whether you've ovulated.

Will of course mean that you'll have an idea of what your cycle is like if you want to conceive number 2 in a few years. That was one of my thoughts of ditching the pill as I was 36 and figured if we did decide to have a child, it would be helpful to know my body was ready for it!

I'm sure there are others who can help who have other experience too!

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