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Scared and anxious, Please Help

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JojoJackson Fri 13-Jan-17 01:24:38

Im new here but really need some advice. I am 29 years old, single. I am experiencing alot of bleeding inbetween periods. My periods were always on time, and I never had an issue. Until last year. I am having a period, then around 4 days later I bleed for at least a week and a half. It starts of really brown, and towards the end really red. I went for a smear test which was very traumatic as I was sexually abused as a child...I havent actually had sex in 10 pregnancy and STD's were not the reason. ( I was checked anyways ) Im very underweight, as have battled a eating disorder in the past. The only thing that I have changed about my life is 2 years ago I took Cerezette and cerezelle to stop my periods while living in spain. Once I was back in the UK, I stopped taking them and my periods returned to normal. Until April time 2016 when I began bleeding inbetween. I then took Cerezette for one month again to stop my period while on a business trip in the US. ( I am aware this prolly wasnt a good idea ) My period didnt stop so I came off it. And since then even more bleeding. and alot of acne. After alot of interenet research I could believe that the bleeding is due to hormones getting all messed up because of the crezette. But I had normal periods for a year after coming off surely it wouldnt be that delayed. The doctor doesnt believe that its the cerezette and I now have to go to the hospital to see a gyno for more tests and I am terrified. She mentioned it could be ( forgive me I cant remember ) but she said something like little growths on the cervix or something which could cause it. Anyone know the name? I am terrified of being examined due to my leaves me so traumatized just typing this I wanna cry. Im scared that it is the big C.....Can anyone help me with this?

OzzieFem Fri 13-Jan-17 09:43:28

Hi, JojoJackson just read your OP and didn't want to run away without leaving you a message. I have no gynae knowledge but suggest you enquire of the person doing the procedure if you can be given Midazolam. This is an IV sedative that can be given to some people who are terrified of dental procedures (had it myself, so can testify to it's effectiveness). smile You wake up with no knowledge of what went on.

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