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Anyone had constant bleeding with the implant but been ok on the coil?

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longestlurkerever Thu 12-Jan-17 12:12:02

I had the implant 5 years ago and it suited me well but either it or I have changed since then and since dd2 was born I just can't get on with it. I'm bleeding with constantly and very ratty/angry a lot of the time. I have an appointment this afternoon to have it removed but I can't decide whether to try a coil (mirena or copper) or whether to go back on the pill. I like not having to remember to take anything but is the mirena coil likely to be the same as the implant in terms of bleeding? The Dr said not necessarily I'd just have to wait and see. Or I could try the copper coil but apparently it makes your periods heavy so if the mirena would work for me I guess I'd prefer it. Has anyone had experience of switching from the implant to the mirena coil because of near constant bleeding and did it improve?

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