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Combined pill

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kel12345 Tue 10-Jan-17 10:17:06

I've been on the Regividon combined pill for years and had no problem at all, my periods were every 4th week, lasting 5 days and I never knew what a cramp was. Until I had my baby. I was exclusively formula feeding, so I went back on it at my 6 week check. Then I got my first proper period the month after I gave birth. However ever since having the baby, the pill has made me feel so sick. I struggle to take it, even though I used to be fine. So I haven't been taking it as I should, meaning my periods are heavier and the pain is so bad.
I'm thinking of asking to try a different pill (I'm not keen on any other form of contraception). Can anyone recommend one? Thanks

sniffle12 Wed 11-Jan-17 10:43:38

It used to make me feel sick for days every time I started a new pack. That was when I took it before bed - then I switched to taking it in the morning and it didn't happen anymore. Could you try out taking it another time of day perhaps?

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