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Copper coil

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Emma1908 Fri 06-Jan-17 20:56:17

Hello I was wondering if anyone that has had the copper coil has had severe pain one week later? I have pain in the bottom left side of my stomach going through to my hip and down my leg. I have never felt pain like this before. I've had two kids but that was nothing compared to this pain. I had the ten year copper coil put in last Friday and just as the doctor had put it in place she went to get me leaflets and she had a quick check to make sure everything was fine but when she looked it had came out so she said it had been to big so she put the slimline one in and it has stayed in place but is this pain normal? Could she have perforated my uterus? if anyone has had something similar please let me know. Thank-you xxx

NaughtyNiffler Fri 06-Jan-17 21:01:12

Hmm... I would probably get it checked. I had one fitted and the pain was gone after a day. Can you get to a&e for an ultrasound?

cheeseandcrackers Fri 06-Jan-17 21:04:45

Definitely get it checked out. I have had three fitted and never experienced anything more than mild cramps. I believe it's most likely to come out in the first two weeks so it's important to get it checked.

Emma1908 Fri 06-Jan-17 22:07:19

Hello I went to a&e on Tuesday night and they sent me home told me cramps were normal and if I couldn't find the strings it wasn't seen as an emergency and that I need to go to my gp and get it checked in the morning but if they couldn't find it they will refer me for an ultrasound. I went to the gp the next day and she just checked the strings and sent me away l. I don't understand what's went wrong and why they won't take it seriously. Xxxx

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