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TFL89 Tue 29-Nov-16 13:37:38

We just got back from Thailand and wondered if anyone had any feedback or is in the same situation of wanting to start a family but concerned you may have caught zika ??

AllPowerfulLizardPerson Fri 02-Dec-16 16:43:55

This is the contraception topic, and my understanding is that (regardless of what other methods you use) if you want to avoid infection from a man who has been in at risk of zika you should also use condoms for six months.

scaevola Fri 02-Dec-16 16:49:25

Condoms recommended, plus not sharing sex toys.

Also their update: "Latest Changes: CDC has updated interim guidance for the prevention of sexual transmission of Zika virus and pregnancy planning for people with possible Zika virus exposure, now combined into a single document. CDC recommends that men with possible Zika virus exposure, regardless of symptom status, wait at least 6 months from symptom onset (if symptomatic) or last possible exposure (if asymptomatic) before attempting conception with their partner. They should also wait at least 6 months before having condomless sex to minimize their risk for sexual transmission of Zika virus to partners."

So yes, if you want to follow their recommendations, you will need effective contraception plus condoms. Are you happy with your current method?

scaevola Fri 02-Dec-16 16:52:11

NHS has essentially the same advice, btw

Condoms for 6 months from latest possible exposure if the man has been in an at-risk area.

Women need to wait 8 weeks, if the prospective father has not been at risk of exposure.

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