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Cerazette advice please!!!! Desperate!!

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charlottexox Sun 06-Nov-16 21:20:35

I started cerazette on Friday which was the first day of my period. I chose this because I had my LG 10 weeks ago and cannot go on the combined pill due to my weight!
I am bleeding heavily (soaking a pad every hour or so) and passing large clots. Is this normal? Do I need to stick it out a little longer? I had a blood transfusion after giving birth because I ended up heamoridging, I feel as though this is making my iron low once again!

eggsnmarmite Mon 07-Nov-16 18:44:16

I would go and get it checked out ASAP - that sounds very heavy. Better safe than sorry.

If you have to change pills because of this, look at Norgeston. I was limited to mini pills because of migraines. Also had hair loss with one. Did a tonne of research - anecdotal and medical and this one is made with a very traditional and generally well tolerated type of progesterone. Much less side effects.

Hope you get on OK. Do get checked though x

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