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Cerazette and period advice needed please

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AfroPunk Fri 04-Nov-16 20:59:56

I had my baby by EMCS 7w ago. I started taking Cerazette 10 days ago. What I think is my period began 6 days ago and I have a very heavy flow ( lots of blood and gushing; no clots) - it's like its been day 1 or 2 of my period for that last 6 days.

I had my 6w check with the Dr today and he advises I should temporarily stop taking Cerazette until this bleed stops, wait 5 days after, and then start again. He thinks Cerazette is doing too much, too soon to my uterus, which is still healing.

However, he seemed surprised my period has returned so soon, but surely this isn't a surprise as I've been bottle feeding our baby since day 3? I am still having night sweats and other than ruling out an infection, he didn't have an answer, so I'm doubting his expertise in women's health tbh.

Wwyd? Take a break from Cerazette or continue? I suffer from migraines with aura so the mini pill or Mirena are my only hormonal options.

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