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Coil fitting etiquette....

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prettyflowers111 Tue 01-Nov-16 16:46:30

Having copper coil fitted in the morning. .. eeep! Have never before had smear (I know tutut, am 25 so only just been offered, and need to wait for babe to be 12 weeks old, it's on my list)...
Anyway. . .
What's the etiquette involved.... wear a skirt? Keep your socks on? Take your socks off? Don't wear socks to avoid the sock situation? Where do you put your knickers? Scrunch them into your bag? Ensure lady bits are in presentable condition?

As someone who has had two very quick unmediated labours you'd think I wouldn't worry, but even having babies I kept my trousers on until baby was crowning and the midwife insisted and whipped them off herself, by which point I didn't much care anyway!

So tell me oh wise ones.... what do I do to avoid looking like the awkward goof? Anyone have any embarrassing stories to help me see the funny side?

rosie39forever Tue 01-Nov-16 19:48:50

I'm quite sure the doc and nurse aren't going to judge you for wearing socks they won't be interested in your feet 😀. I always wear a skirt for any kind it gyne exam as it's quick ang essay to get on an off. There will prob ask you to remove everything from the waist down and provide somewhere to put your clothes, also they will wait for you to remove them and get yourself on the bed with a cover over your nether regions before doing the procedure.
Don't be too worried about waxing and sculpting as there is nothing that they haven't seen before!
Take a couple of pain killers before hand an try to relax, easier said than done! Good luck

prettyflowers111 Thu 03-Nov-16 20:37:45

Well its all over with. .. Thank you for your words of encouragement! It wasn't very pleasant.... was mortified to see the rather dashing, curly haired, 30ish year old male doctor call me.... and there were more people in the room than when I had my babies. Turns out the male doctor was, while qualified, new to putting in coils. 40 minutes I was on the table with my legs akimbo.... With the far more experienced doctor eventually taking over while the nurse held a 'where's wally' book over my head and we looked for him together....Interesting experience to say the least!

eggsnmarmite Mon 07-Nov-16 19:29:59

I had mine done today. I was wearing tights so took the whole lot off. You'll be up in stirrups so I don't think they'll mind either way. I wish I'd worn socks because of my skin touching the hospital floor which struck me as gross momentarily.

My cervix is wonky and my uterus is retroverted, but despite this, it was quick and painless. Good luck! smile x

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