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Mirena and Symtoms of Pregnancy

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Lizi192 Fri 28-Oct-16 00:36:07

Hi all. Just looking for advice.
Ive had the mirena for 11 month now, not a single spot of bleeding for around 6 month 😀 (lucky me). Ive never suffered symptoms of periods before, usually my period just came.

Anyway, this last week ive been getting slight cramps in my left side, bloating, tiredness, weeing more than usual and heartburn for 3 straight days (now its on-off). The last time i had my coil checked (4-6 week ago) it was in place still. Am i experiencing my first ever period symptoms or could i be pregnant. Has anyone else got pregnant with their coil in place?

Not done a home test yet as ive been busy with work and parenting just not found the time.

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