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Severe lower back pain after surgical abortion

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Beckysk Thu 27-Oct-16 12:52:58

Probably posted this is the wrong area. A week and a half ago I underwent a surgical abortion, I was 14 weeks. Ever since my hips fly werid and crampy, like where my hip bone is. But over the past few days it's got a lot worse. I'm not running a fever and don't think I have any signs of an infection. It is like a deep cramping pain in my lower back that goes around to like my hip bone. Sometimes I also get cramps in my tummy.
I have to go back to the clinic on Subday. And they've told me to take a preg test. But didn't give me any indication about what they think it might be.
So wondered if anyone has had the same problem?
In stumped

Thanks in advance

Beckysk Thu 27-Oct-16 23:09:45


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