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Implant removal

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palomapaloma Sat 08-Oct-16 22:20:48

Hi I had my implant removed about 2 months ago. Had no period whatsoever, also been getting regular headaches and hot flashes. Am not pregnant! Did a test the other day. Has anyone experienced similar? I've been googling but can't really find any answers as to what's up hmm

user1480822138 Sun 04-Dec-16 03:40:55

Hello everyone, new here and looking for someone in a similar situation.
Basically I'm reading all these stories about women coming off the implant and getting caught pregnant straight away... thing is they all seem to have had them for less than 4years...
I've just recently had my taken out 2nd November 16... after having it in continuosly from 2008, so 8yrs which is a very long time!!!
My son turns 9 next April, and we want to make 3 become a 4...
I'm actually so excited but scared all at the same time incase having the implant for sooooo long may have damaged my fertility 😔
And so with this brief information, has anybody else had there's in for this amount time and be able to conceive fairly quickly afterwards?
Any advice would be greatly appriciated 😊
PS - I two days into a period when it was removed which lasted around 7 days...

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