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feanolla pill. reviews?

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justonesherryformedicinalpurpo Fri 30-Sep-16 14:09:48

I have been prescribed the feanolla pill. I haven't been on the pill for over two years now and it just feels right and natural.

However, after having my second DD 7 weeks ago I'm not ready for a third any time soon!

I haven't taken the pill yet but I have been doing a little reading and the following are alarming me!:

- acne(I am already prone to spots)
- breast tenderness and breast enlargement(ouch! This could potentially make breastfeeding something I dread rather than love)
-an increased or decreased sex driveand mood changes(sex drive is average I guess but definitely lower than DP likes. We haven't had sex yet since DD2'S birth but I am keen to get back to having a healthy sexual relationship and I'm worried this could severely damage that + I could do without the mood changes. It can be stressful enough looking after two under two)
- irregular bleeding (after research seems a lot of women have bled constantly with variations on how much. Constant or even majority of the time.. please no!

Can anyone share some positive stories! Well any stories, positive or not I will really appreciate.

Thanks all!

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