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Mirena with a prolapse

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midcenturymodern Sat 10-Sep-16 11:23:47

The doctor has recommended a mirena for heavy periods/iron deficiency. I am currently running packs of combined pill together but I'm 43 with a family history of breast cancer so that's not sustainable.
The dr I saw isn't trained for mirena so I would have to see another one and I am also waiting for an ultrasound appointment to see why the bleeding is so bad.
I have a bit of a prolapse which I generally ignore. If my uterus is low (I only notice during periods) would that mean I couldn't have the mirena? i don't know anything about it but I've always imagined little wires hanging down poking at your nethers blush I asked the dr but she said I'd have to speak to the other one but I'm not seeing him until after my ultrasound.

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