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Contraception / headaches.

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bonzo77 Fri 02-Sep-16 07:45:16

Before DS1 I used to get severe and debilitating migraines. I was on the combined pill. Since he was born 6.5 years ago I'd been on no contraception and had barely any headaches, let alone migraines. 12 months ago I had DS3 and 10 months ago I had a copper coil. I chose it specifically as I though that the synthetic hormones might have been causing my migraines. And because I knew I'd forget a pill and hate condoms. Well. They're back. With a vengeance. Worse around when my period is due and when I ovulate. But also headaches in between. I cannot take nurofen due to stomach problems. Imigran, paracetamol and dihydrocodeine sometimes help. What do I do?

MiniJellyBeans Mon 05-Sep-16 12:24:27

Hi Bonzo
You are right that oestrogen in the combined pill can cause or worsen migraines, and shouldn't be used at all if you have migraine aura (eg. visual symptoms affecting only one half of your vision, unilateral facial numbness etc).
However, as you know, the copper coil which is completely non-hormonal can't be causing your current migraines. Obviously I can only speculate in your particular case but it's much more likely that during the years when you were pregnant/postnatal (and breastfeeding?), the migraines/headaches didn't happen because you weren't ovulating. Now that ovulation has kicked in again, the hormonal fluctuations may have triggered headaches. You could consider trying an oestrogen-free method of contraception which inhibits ovulation (such as desogestrel POP, implant or injection). Or there are medications which can be taken daily as prophylaxis of migraine, rather than taking something when the headache has already started. Feel free to PM me if you want further information.

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