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Coil after vaginal birth & tear

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Spudlet Wed 31-Aug-16 09:22:58

Need some advice please. DS is 8 months old, he was a chunky sod and he turned up fast. As a result I ended up with a second degree tear which was the whole length of my perinium (don't know how many stitches as the midwife wouldn't tell me and I was too woozy to press the point!), and which took quite some time to heal.

It's now healed but still sensitive. When dh and I have sex, we have to be a bit careful about positions etc as it can be painful from the wrong angle. Frankly, we've mostly been too knackered for much in the way of that anyway, but recently we had a rush of blood to the head (well... Mostly the head) and did it two nights on the trot! But even being careful etc, I found my scar was tender afterwards.

I have an appointment to see my GP about having a coil fitted, but is the process of fitting likely to be painful? How long did anyone here wait? Are we talking great big speculum territory?

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