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Coming off the pill

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patandjess Sun 28-Aug-16 21:20:12

i have recently started a long term relationship so went on the pill again after a three-year break from it. Oh how I wish I never had! After two packs I had gained 5lbs, something that's never happened to me before. I really loved my body before and now I hate it sad
So I've come off the pill but the weight isn't going. I'm eating less than I was before but it's all still there around my middle.
Please tell me this gets better?! I just want my body back.

VioletBam Mon 29-Aug-16 08:17:14

I honestly think the pill is a terrible, terrible drug. It's so normalised that women take it without even thinking about what's IN it. I am so sorry you're so upset.

I wish they'd invent something like it for men to take! It will come off of course it will. Drink loads of water daily...keep up your activity and maybe join a yoga class to tone up.

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