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How to get Mirena taken out?

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SeriousCreativeBlock Tue 23-Aug-16 22:16:50

I'm sick of my coil. I've had it nearly 4 years and I don't care what the doctors say, it made me fat and I can't shift the weight no matter how hard I try. I've read a lot of (admittedly anecdotal) evidence that suggests many other women feel the same.
I have an appointment to get it taken out on the 6th, but it's with the same doctor who couldn't get it out the first time and told me to come back when I was less tense hmm

My point is, would I be able to get it taken out sooner if I went to a local gum/sexual health clinic? I'm getting really desperate now.

SeenoevilHearnoevilSpeaknoevil Tue 23-Aug-16 22:29:28

I sure you can make an appt with your local gum clinic. I've had the coil in for just over 2 years and came to the conclusion this is why I've put so much weight on, plus the headaches! I can't cope with them! Good luck this time, hope it comes out easy!

DPotter Tue 23-Aug-16 22:49:37

Practice nurse took my last one out in the Well Women clinic. No problem at all. If you are feeling nervous, how about taking some pain relief before hand (it was very briefly uncomfortable).

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