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Copper Coil - doctor can't see strings!! anyone had this

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mumznet Wed 17-Aug-16 19:39:01

I had a coil fitted 4 wks ago -all went fine but just went for my 4 week check and they can't feel/see the strings so I'm being referred for an ultrasound - which is likely to be about a month anyway!!!

Has anyone had this - dcotor said it was unlikely to have come out without me realising so it must be in side !!

From anyone's experience - could it still be in place but the strings just gone the wrong way?

Also worried about what it's doing if it's out of place inside me. Do I really need to wait a month for an ultrasound. - do you think it's likely I will need surgery to get it removed.
I was just expecting a routine check so thought of all my questions when I left
any help would be so much appreciated.

ftmsoon Wed 17-Aug-16 19:57:50

Not exactly as I had a Mirena, but the nurse who fitted it said she was leaving the strings longer these days so they fold up inside. Short strings can sometimes poke the man inside you!

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