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MIrena Coil question

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AndieNZ Thu 11-Aug-16 08:23:58

I have had a MIrena Coil fitted about 8 years ago. It's been changed once since then four years ago. I had it fitted purely for menstruation issues (do not need contraception whatsoever) as I have suffered for years with my monthlies...the severe pain plus heaviness of my periods. I did some research and had the MIrena fitted. We were living in NZ at the time so with there being no NHS I had it done privately and although it cost me a fortune, I felt it was worth the benefits.

At first, I felt great. No monthly periods, no bleeding and no pain! Especially perfect when you spend your life at the beach. No apparent side effects to report.

Eight years on, I have gained quite a lot of weight since I first had it done, feel bloated and can get quite hormonal. I suppose I feel a bit tired and blah all the time. I am now in my mid forties and know through it being hereditary, the early menopause is round the corner. I have had blood tests done to detect if there are any issues with my thyroid and also if I am starting menopause and everything has come up fine. I have done some reading and last year saw that there are some reports that the MIrena Coil can cause all the symptoms I mentioned above. Back in the UK now, I mentioned this to my GP who laughed it off and said you can read about allsorts on the Internet and not to pay any attention to it.

My question is, has anyone had any positive results through having a MIrena coil fitted and then subsequently removed? Is there anyone else out there that is having the same side effects?

zofranks Mon 15-Aug-16 15:46:05

Hiya - I am also mid forties & had my coil put in just 4 years ago a few months after having my little girl. Since then I have had issues which until a few months ago I hadn't actually thought could have been side effects - they are these:

Depression - I was fine after the birth, had the coil in the september by January the gp decided I had PND - I am still on these unfortunately as the side effects from coming off them are so bad
Weight gain - I cannot not, no matter what I do lose weight
Cravings for sugary foods - I go weeks fine then I literally binge eat
IBS/Colitis - I am seeing a consultant at the local hospital about this
Mood Swings - awful things
Can't sleep properly
No sex drive - I would be happy never to have to do it again - this I hate because before this I always enjoyed it

I went to see my GP and asked to be sterilised - this is being done in a couple of weeks & the coil taken out at the same time - I am really hoping to get my life back after it has gone

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