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Help please!!!

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emmalou26 Sat 06-Aug-16 09:06:53

Hi all my last period was April I took a test in May showed positive since taken more all negative had what I wouldn't even call a spot in June didn't even wear a pad was literally just brownish/red when I wiped now n again for a few day it was nothin really never had it in my life well anyway in August still no period.... Taken more test all negative nurses are refusing to test me said they don't do it no more what I'm confused about it apart from having no period my partner as said about my boobs getting bigger I am finding myself turning my nose up to some food because they generally seem to taste differs and I'm also feeling bubble type fluttering at bottom of my belly rite at the bottom has anybody had this can anybody seem to no what this is I'm not saying I'm pregnant I'm not crazy lol I'm just wondering what's going on I don't no!!! Is it really possible to be pregnant and test not pick up is it just nothing?

YumYumThePig Sat 06-Aug-16 09:16:33

Where are you op?

You should have had a twelve week scan by now if you told the dr you were pregnant.
I'd be back at the Drs.

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