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Please help - problem with Mirena?

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Lostintranslation63 Fri 22-Jul-16 20:15:51

This is the second Mirena that I've had, and it's been in for about 18 months. About 3 months ago I had severe pains and a little bleeding which lasted half a day. The strings have always been very short but I can still feel them poking out by about 2mm (although at some points in the month they disappear). I haven't had periods with either Mirena in place and I haven't had any bleeding since that one occasion three months ago. I'm very paranoid that the Mirena could have moved and might no longer be effective, but there's a good chance I'm overreacting as I'm so worried about an unplanned pregnancy. If I can feel the strings, is it definitely in place and working?

I've been travelling for the last 4 months and still have 3 months before I go home. It isn't easy to access a doctor where I am at the moment so any advice would be hugely appreciated!

Please feel free to tell me to get a grip and stop being so paranoid...

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