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Which contraception?

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jerseygal78 Wed 13-Jul-16 22:57:58

I've got an appt tomorrow to discuss contraception but no idea what to go for.
I got on with the pill for years but started getting migraines so they took me off it and I suspect they wont let me get back on.
Copper coil gave me agonising heavy periods and really heavy ovulation pain
Depot made me bleed continuously the whole time I was on it (9 months) and pile on weight
Minipill (cerelle) made me bleed pretty much continuously the 6 months I was on it.
Reluctant to just rely on condoms. Is it worth giving mirena a shot given the above?
All suggestions welcome!

apatheticfallacy Thu 14-Jul-16 00:46:24

I had continuous bleeding with the implant (real pain in the arse!) but no periods at all with the mirena coil. When I discussed it with my GP she said there are no guarantees but everyone reacts differently to different contraceptives. It's a bit uncomfortable on insertion but as you've had a copper coil in side you know the drill. If it doesn't work out after a few months you could always rethink things then?

There's always the diaphragm if you fancy a non-hormonal option - they're less popular here than in the US but no reason why it couldn't work for you?

apatheticfallacy Thu 14-Jul-16 00:47:16

That was supposed to say inserted, not inside - but I suppose that works too! grin

imwithspud Thu 14-Jul-16 01:00:29

I've been on the implant for a year now and it's been mostly fine. I did go through a phase of having a period every 2 weeks which was a pain but now although irregular they're about 6-8 weeks+ apart now which I don't mind, just means I have to be prepared just in case I come on unexpectedly.

Not really had any other side effects and it's been great for me but I know other women have had nothing but trouble with it.

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