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TTC with chronic BV. Please help, totally disheartened

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Lizziedoll Sat 25-Jun-16 17:26:45

Hi everyone
I'm 29 and been TTC for 3 months with my wonderful boyfriend however I get BV everytime we have sex. I just get a horrible fishy smell which is my only symptom but it makes me incredibly self conscious and embarrassed. My doctor has told me BV itself won't stop me from conceiving but I worry that because I treat it each time with either a diluted hydrogen peroxide douche or a Balance Activ pessary it makes my vagina hostile to sperm and stops me from conceiving, I hear having the right pH is key in conceiving. I've tried all natural remedies, taking probiotics, avoiding baths, wearing lose clothing, change of diet etc, nothing works. So my question is, does anyone know a TTC-friendly way of treating BV or will my only option be to just live with this and be mortified each time I have sex in order to get pregnant. I feel I'll never be a mum because of this, I am so miserable. sad

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