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Bleeding again - only stopped last weekend!

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ohmygodyouguys Mon 20-Jun-16 22:19:39

Hi everyone

So, I stopped taking the pill a few weeks ago as me and hubby are planning to NTNP in the not too distant future and it seems some good advice is to come off the pill a few months in advance to give your cycles time to sort themselves out.

I took my last pill on the 1st of June and had my usual bleed the following week. It lasted a fair bit longer than usual, starting Monday night and not finishing until Saturday night/Sunday morning, usually I'd have been finished by the Friday. Was definitely finished by the Sunday (12th June).

Yesterday after I'd been to the toilet I noticed there was blood. It's not as heavy as my usual period and a pantyliner is enough to deal with it, I'm not even having cramps like I normally would. I'm still bleeding a bit today but I've noticed little clots of endometrium (sorry if TMI!). I can't possibly be having a true period a week after my usual bleed, can I? Has anyone else experienced this?

Violamae29 Tue 21-Jun-16 11:08:04

I've experienced a similar thing to you in the past. I came off my pill and had a couple of bleeds (the 2nd much lighter and shorter than the first) within weeks of each other. I think it's just the body getting used to being hormone free and settling down to its natural hormone levels, but that's just a guess! If it continues on, maybe give your gp a call and put your mind at ease, but from my experience it was nothing to worry about. I hope all is well smile

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