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Cerelle - ???

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Youvegottobekidding Wed 15-Jun-16 19:33:41

Ok so I suffer from frequent migraines, they are worse around the time of my period. I'm on a couple of preventative meds & take naproxen & a triptan for when they strike. I'm also on oestrogen patches! Anyway my gp today has suggested I try Cerelle - the mini pill to see if this can eliviate my migraines. I've been reading quite a few horror experiences regarding this pill & beginning to think it may not be worth chucking this into the mix of what I already take!

When I get a bad run if migraines, it's not great by any means, it's awful. I can be laid up for days. Or even a week. I can't afford to start on something that MAY help, but from what I've heard, MAY also cause a whole lot of other problems. My GP said she's prescribing them as these will or should stop my periods & keep my progestrogen at an even keel throughout the month.

I've heard about periods lasting up to 5 weeks (this doesn't bother me, I'd rather have a period than the migraines!) I've heard about mood swings, feeling irritable - I'm already stressed, I don't need to feel worse! And increased weight gain, I'm already overweight!

So what's your experience with this?

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