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Early menopause?

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ShatterResistant Sun 12-Jun-16 17:26:08

I'm 38, and my youngest child is 2.2. In the last few months I've been having really strange periods. They start heavy and then stop, coming back properly a couple of days later, lasting around a week. I don't track them, but felt like they were coming around much quicker than usual. This was confirmed when I had a 24 hour bleed yesterday, only about 10 days from when I last had a proper period. It's very unlike me: every since I started at 13, my periods have been very regular, moderately painful for the first day or so, and quite heavy. Does it sound like early menopause? Maybe it wouldn't even be that early?? I don't want any more children so I wouldn't be devastated, but I suppose I'm just wondering whether you think I should bother the GP with it. Apart from that I feel fine. Thanks for any experiences/insight.

ShatterResistant Sun 12-Jun-16 17:27:48

Oh, and I've got a copper coil, which I've had for more than 18 months now.

scaevola Sun 12-Jun-16 17:31:01

This is the contraception topic, is that where you meant to post?

Yes, you need to keep the coil (or use another method) until you have been period-free for a full year (two years if under 50).

I think it is worth going to the GP for significant changes to your periods (irrespective of type of contraception).

ShatterResistant Sun 12-Jun-16 17:33:34

Family planning seemed to be the closest thing I could find. Where do you suggest?

scaevola Sat 18-Jun-16 15:14:47

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