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am I pregnant or not

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emmalou26 Thu 09-Jun-16 17:53:42

Hi Iv taken 2 first response early response 3 weeks ago it showed positive straight away (trying for a baby) I have since taken 8 more test cheap ones (£1) one of them had 2 line but was diagonal then disappeared the rest all come back negative even today 3 weeks later I have missed 2 periods I feel so poorly getting strange pains in belly feel so sick and tired all the time I am so confused I want to try and avoid doctors when I had my other child (4) I took 2 £1 test with him what showed negative so I went on like I wasn't pregnant and turned out I was can some test actually not work for you I find it hard to believe what do people think?? Here are the 2 positives please ignore the mark on one of them I scratch it with my nail be accident

MyBreadIsEggy Thu 09-Jun-16 17:55:43

I can definitely see two lines on both of them grin
I would guess you are indeed pregnant!

emmalou26 Thu 09-Jun-16 17:58:45

That's what I'm hoping for but I'm also so confused to why so many after these have told me I'm not xx

scaevola Sun 12-Jun-16 14:01:47

This is the contraception topic

What method of contraception were you using? All have a fail rate, but some more than others.

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