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Mirena coil and the depo injection?!

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Ariel09 Fri 03-Jun-16 16:05:38

Hi, to cut a very long story short I have had countless surgery on my cervix over the last 10 years and have had combined pills, POP pills, 2 x implants and 2 x mirena coils. I have an appointment in August to discuss a hysterectomy and whether they'd leave ovaries or not. In the meantime I was getting the mirena coil removed and then starting on the depo provera injection just to get me through to my appointment. I went yesterday to get the coil removed and the threads couldn't be found. After a lot of pain and special forceps she gave up. I'm waiting for an appointment now to go the hospital but she still gave me the depo provera injection.
Now I'm wondering what extra side effects I would have from having the coil plus this injection in my body?
I'm just more confused now confused

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