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Missed rigevidon

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SpiritMummy Sun 22-May-16 18:57:07

Hi all,
Been v silly and missed a few rigevidon bc pills and wondered if anyone can advise! I took my 7 day pill free break then completely forgot for another 7 days! blush I've had unprotected sex twice in the past week and now having a bit of a panic ! Any advice on what to do now, should I just start the new pack and carry on as normal? confused

MiniJellyBeans Mon 23-May-16 21:09:55

Hi Spirit, sorry your question has gone unanswered so far. You've had a 14 day pill-free interval, and it's possible (in fact reasonably likely) that you will have ovulated in the last few days, so could become pregnant. Depending on exact timing of unprotected sex you may be able to have emergency contraception, either oral or in the form of a copper IUD. That's assuming you don't want to be pregnant. So ideally I would try to be seen either by your GP or a family planning/sexual health clinic tomorrow (if you haven't already today). Feel free to PM me if you want more specific advice!

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