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Stopped taking Desomono but periods have not returned...

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Sax88 Tue 17-May-16 15:03:38

Hi all, I'm after some advice please.

My GP swapped my pill from ovranette to desomono due to headaches (not the reason for the consultation but she latched on to that...) This was probably October time. I can't remember the exact date.

I absolutely hated desomono. I would have a bleed lasting 4 weeks followed by 6ish weeks of nothing. Also gained about half a stone I had worked hard to loose.

On April 5th I gave up and stopped taking it after talking with my husband. He decided to take responsibility for contraceptives for a while to give my body a break. I had some withdrawal bleeding on 10th April for a couple of days but nothing since.

I don't feel any early pregnancy symtoms as I did 2 years ago. I am just terrified I am pregnant and going to have to make a very hard decision. I cannot go through another labour and birth. I almost lost my life and my baby before. I was septic and he was distressed. 36 hour labour then emergency c sec. All just went wrong and then 8 day stay in hospital. Baby taken for lumbar puncture.

Now I know I should do a pregnancy test but I am loathed to spend money on a test when I know it won't be positive. I may have to though...

Has anyone else had a long wait for your periods to return after the mini pill?

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