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Contraceptive advice required

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BulaBaby Thu 21-Apr-16 20:11:18

I have been using a Nexplanon implant for 3 years and am due to have it removed next month.

Don't want another implant as I think it may be causing my depressed moods. Need to decide what to do next. I am terrible at remembering to take tablets, so would prefer not to go for a pill.

Any advice gratefully received.

Notfastjustfurious Thu 21-Apr-16 20:15:26

Depo injection may be an option. It's done every 3 months but some have had weight gain with it. Or coil, lasts about 5 years so good for long term but better if you have children already. Or abstinence, no side effects and 100% foolproof confused

BulaBaby Thu 21-Apr-16 20:29:09

Thank you. Will speak to doc when I get the implant out, but it may not be suitable for me as I suffer migrAines and depressed moods.

BulaBaby Mon 25-Apr-16 00:51:18

Have been looking online for alternatives and come up with these:

Pill (combine or mini).

All of the above are not recommended if you suffer from migraine with aura. I do suffer migraines, but i don't get the aura. Mood changes are also possible, as I suffer depressed moods I am not sure if they would be right for me.

Vaginal hysterectomy. Would need to check waiting/recovery time. Would preference not to have to take time off work as I work term times only.

Coil. Can't see any downsides to this. This may be they way to go for me.

Any suggestions or advice on the above would be gratefully received


BulaBaby Wed 27-Apr-16 09:33:30

Bumping for advice!

arista Mon 29-Aug-16 23:02:40

Was on the implant as well and did feel depressed and suffer from light bleeding for nearly a whole year. Prior to this I was on depo injection works well did not put on weight at all but was advised that after being on it so long I needed to have a break as it can affect bones. I have been on mercilon recently I did suffer from headaches the first few weeks but still early days so will see. I did not want the coil as I heard many people have bleeding while on it.

LoveInTokyo Mon 29-Aug-16 23:10:34

I came off the implant recently and for a while we just used condoms. I thought it wouldn't matter too much if I got pregnant but on second thoughts I don't really want to risk it, so now I have had a copper coil put in. How much of a problem would it be if you got pregnant?

weekendninja Mon 29-Aug-16 23:16:07

I have the copper coil as anything with hormone tends to put me in a depressive state of mind. For the first month I bled quite a bit but that soon stopped. I now have regular periods and for the first year they were quite heavy and I had some cramps. Now my flow is back to normal apart from half a day when I bleed very heavily. Despite this is would recommend it.

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