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Anyone been sterilised?? Side affects?

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abc12345 Thu 14-Apr-16 21:44:16


I was just wondering if anyone on here has had their tubes tied?

I did 18m ago and since then have had very heavy periods, I'm tired all the time, sometimes have pain in my right side, I'm hormonal a lot... Has anyone experienced this? Do you think it's related?

scaevola Fri 15-Apr-16 23:24:47

It shouldn't be related, because tying your tubes affects only the transit of the ovum, not the hormonal regulation of its production.

But sterilisation is only performed when you are sure your family is complete, and that might also be the age when other gynae things start going a bit wonky. It would be worth going to see your GP and see if you can be referred for a scan to see if there is a underlying cause and if so how best to treat it.

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