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Heavy Periods after coil fitting - STILL!

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ReturnoftheWhack Wed 13-Apr-16 10:27:31

I'm sure this thread has been done before but since Mumsnet removed the search facility on the app I can't look for advice so hoping someone can offer advice.

I had the copper coil fitted last April and was told to expect heavier periods "for a while." It's been a year now and they are still really heavy, I get clots and leakage a lot. Will this ever calm down? In every other way I'm very happy with the coil, I don't really want to move to a mirena as I don't like the hormonal side of contraception. Feel too old and forgetful for the pill, don't want to have to use there anything else I can consider? I find the heaviness of my periods a bit unsettling, and have marked my clothes at work twice now. I have to change my pad every couple of hours at its height, and can sometimes have to go and sit on the toilet while I heavily leak...sorry, I know this is gross but really need some advice!

FujimotosElixir Wed 13-Apr-16 10:34:52

Hi ive been on the copper coil about 2 years now, (intolerant to hormonal) and although the pains arent always as bad the periods are heavy, i thinks its something that comes with it i always use tampons and pads the first 3/4 days of period and 2 pads at night it helps manage it, and i am regular aswell so thats at least something, the one thing to look for is the pms in that sense i only go every 3 weeks and i find that difficult at times. I think you get used to it.

Purplebluebird Wed 13-Apr-16 10:35:32

From what friends tell me, it does not get any better sad sorry sad

OrangeSquashTallGlass Wed 13-Apr-16 10:39:07

I think the current medical advice is that you should give the coil 6months: by then it should have settled in to how it will pretty much always be. If you get in on with it after 6months you should keep it and if you don't then maybe it's not for you.

mopants Wed 13-Apr-16 10:39:18

I had the copper coil a few years ago and it doesn't improve. Sorry. I had to use the heaviest tampons and towels simultaneously and change at least every 90 minutes for the first 4 days. My doctor did tell me try ibuprofen but I never did. Google ibuprofen for heavy periods and you can read up on it. Makes them lighter and shorter

MovingOnUpMovingOnOut Wed 13-Apr-16 10:40:34

I think heavy periods are a known side effect of the coil? An ius like a Mirena that has a hormone release does tend to reduce or stop periods eventually although there can be bleeding for months first.

Fourarmsv2 Wed 13-Apr-16 10:40:52

What about trying tranexamic and mefenamic acid? You can buy one of them OTC in Boots.

OrangeSquashTallGlass Wed 13-Apr-16 10:43:14

Speak to your GP. They may prescibe mefenamic acid for heavy bleeding.

OrangeSquashTallGlass Wed 13-Apr-16 10:43:38


Au79 Wed 13-Apr-16 10:47:04

what about a Mirena? That's supposed to make them lighter (doesn't always work).

Au79 Wed 13-Apr-16 10:48:04

I would be demanding a better solution anyway by now OP! Good luck

FATEdestiny Wed 13-Apr-16 11:01:27

Mine did settle by about a year post-fitting.

My periods have changed permanently but have not stayed as bad as they were initially. My progress has been:

Pre-coil fitting (no contraception): exceptionally heavy period lasting 24-36 hours start to finish

First 6 months with copper coil: exceptionally heavy period for 3 days plus 2 lighter bleeding days either side. Total bleed length about a week

Gradual change up to about 12 months post coil fitting, when it settled as: exceptionally heavy bleed for 36 hours with 36 hours lighter bleed either side - total bleed length usually 4-5 days.

So my periods are now no worse (in terms of how heavy they are) than without the coil. However my periods are lasting longer than they used to.

FujimotosElixir Wed 13-Apr-16 11:14:16

Ibruprofen i didnt know that thanjs mopants !

ReturnoftheWhack Wed 13-Apr-16 11:16:00

Wow! Thank you all so much for replying, all really useful points. I think I will make an appointment to see my GP and go from there. Thanks again!

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