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not sure what contraception to use now??

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Slowprogress Thu 07-Apr-16 12:50:47

So years ago I had the marina coil and at the time found I had cysts on my ovaries (shown by scan) i thought the coil had caused the cysts so I had it removed.

I then had a cooper coil but my periods were so heavy I had it removed after a few years.

I then used the combined pill bit found that I couldn't loose weight with it (in have stopped it and now am loosing weight)

Now I am unsure what to use confusedconfused

I am involved with someone that lives far away so we need something but not everyday. Condoms would be the answer but I am rubbish at using them especially if I have had a few drinks.

I am thinking about trying the marina coil again but also worried - any advice?

scaevola Fri 15-Apr-16 23:29:49

Do you have an FPA or similar clinic near you? Because going and talking through all the options is probably going to be necessary.

It might be worth looking in to the diaphragm. Because then you can put it in at the start if what you hope will be a promising night out and not worry about the effects of drink.

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