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Mirena coil - worse bleeding and pains

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Littlemisstracy Sun 27-Mar-16 19:13:10

Hello to all, I hope someone can help in this query / or advise.
I had a mirena coil fitted on Friday 11th March, I knew there would be discomfort having it fitted and that was fine, the staff were awesome. But I spotted a lot the first 7 days (more than a normal spotting would be) the on the 8th day (18th March) I started to bleed lots, on the 22nd I was flooding, 3 tampons an hour for that evening, and I've been quite heavy since.
I got the coil as my periods were very heavy, but now they're worse than before, plus I now have really bad cramps and pains and I'm also proper stroppy. On the 15th day (25th) I was in a lot of pain that pain killers had no effect. I'm so heavy now with bleeding all the time that I feel worse now than before, almost feels like I've self harmed as I've done this!
Also have increased appetite, which I'm fighting and bloating around the mid rift.
I was wondering, how long have any of you guys put up with this before it settled? I'm going away in July and am not looking forward to it if I'm like this.
For info, I'm 41, and had no children.
Thanks in advance

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