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Mirena Spotting

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Princessgarnet22 Sun 06-Mar-16 22:49:37

I just wanted to check if people thought this was normal or not, sorry in advance for TMI but none of my friends have it.

I got my mirena in Sept 8th 2015. I had previously been on the implant which gave me a period non stop (literally) for 6 months so I swapped over (Ive never had kids/been pregnant)

The mirena stopped my bleeding right away and so far it's been great, my strings are a bit high due to having a high cervix I guess so I can't always feel my strings but Ive had them checked 3 times by the dr and she said it all looks great, not to worry and unless I have a heavy period that I can leave checking them down to them on my yearly check.

So that was all fine, the last time it was checked was at the start of Jan. Since the start of Jan I've finally started spotting (had nothing up until then) I had it 3 days in Jan (on the 2nd, 7th and 25th) then since Feb 10th it's basically been for 1-2 days every week without fail.

There's not enough to show on a pad, it's sometimes just pink discharge sometimes then sometimes it can be like a light period or other times just old blood. But it's once a week for 1-2 days as I say. I can't feel my strings when it's happening but I usually can feel the tip at some point in between the bleeding days and as I say not feeling it isn't unusual due to my cervix position. I had really bad cramps when I got it in for a few months after but they've been easing as each day goes by, like Im spotting now but I have no cramps.

Should I be concerned at all about the effectiveness because Ive had sex each week inbetween the spotting and what's the chances of it NOT stopping like the implant.

Thanks for reading and sorry for the long post xx

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