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KWright84 Mon 29-Feb-16 09:24:35

I had my 1st baby at 19 although I was on the pill, and even though I had a daily alarm set, I was never good at remembering to take it. I fell pregnant whilst considering next contraception but unfortunately, I had to have an emergency abortion. I then chose to go over to the coil but it tore my inner wall lining as it moved which the doctor said is uncommon but following that, I had 1 miscarriage. I then had my 1st son at 22. I decided to then go onto the jab as I am allergic to most condoms and I have a rare skin condition which stops me having the implant. I put on 3 stone and my hormones became imbalanced so they took me off of it after 5 years but my periods never came back. I was told I couldn't have any more children and then in August last year I had our 2nd son naturally (which was a huge shock). I then got admitted to hospital after a week with Septicaemia and so did our son. I have now been referred for sterilisation as my husband can't handle anything that involves blood, knives, needles or hospitals. I don't mind but I have been told it may not work and following my past, it has now made me very apprehensive. Has anybody had trouble with contraceptives and then had trouble with sterilisation? My body has been through a lot and I wonder i's it worth it to put myself through this. I just can'take go through another pregnancy due to suicide depression and illness following previous pregnancies. Any advise would be great.

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