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Mirena Coil.... Not right?

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SparklyLeo87 Thu 18-Feb-16 18:00:35

Hellooooo all!

Wondering if anyone can shed some light on my particular problem as ... Google was bugger all help this time round!
I had the Mirena Coil inserted in Feb 2013, as painful as it was... I went through the whole hormonal stuff and all the common problems then it straightened itself out and has been perfect for the last 2 years.. Except January 2015, I fell really ill with Tonsilitis, UTI both at the same time! Anyway, also on top of this, I had severe swelling to my poor vag! I didn't have a partner at this time so wasn't sexually active hadn't been since the previous august. everytime I went into sitting position, I didnt even get into the full seated position I had horrendous pain internally within my mooey. Anyway, made an emergency app at the docs and I was that swollen she couldn't even insert the speculem in to check my coil! She prescribed me naproxen to bring the swelling down 3 or 4 days later it started going down and the pain had died with the swelling...

I had my last period (like clockwork as normal) 11th January 2016.. I have missed this months period completely and have none of my "normal" or "usual" signs of my period, but me and my partner, who have been having alot of not your average run of the mill sex (Like I can't even describe it, it's more like we're "making love up in the stars its that sodding passionate kinda sex, something I have never experienced before!) anyway, I'm showing all the signs of pregnancy, even down to the flutters. I have read on many sites with regards to the coil it can cause "phantom pregnancies" however, last night, my partner exclaimed to me that he can feel the ACTUAL coil with his fingers......... I asked him to describe it to me lol He described it as a "2 bit of lego" (Nice metaphor there billy!) Which is the exact size of the coil, as I made sure to have a right good nosey at what was being inserted inside me for 5, long years! He said he couldn't feel the strings but he could feel the actual coil.

My question being, if My partner can feel my actual coil, 1) it's not in the right place is it as the vagina is atleast 6 inches long.... And he only has small hands, he isn't stretch armstrong afterall.
2) the possibility of me being pregnant, is actually quite high isn't it?

I have spoken with the family planning clinic doctor but couldn't get down to see her due to childcare issues and it being half term, she thinks the same thing as me also. But I would like your opinions on it also.

I do have a docs app on Tuesday morning with the coil nurse to get it checked, and removed!! So I will keep you all updated anyway.

Thank you in advance for any responses I get tonight, This well help me put my little whizzing mind at rest as me and the partner are a little excited, my 2nd his 1st if I am!


insideout Thu 18-Feb-16 21:23:34

Hi, might be a silly question but have you done a pregnancy test?

I had the mirena in and all was great for 4 years then i started vomiting all the time, went to Dr's and they said do a test just to rule it out- it was positive grin had loads of ultra sounds but they couldnt find the bloody coil anywhere, the theory we decided on as the most likely is that it fell out ( the obstetric nurse said that it is quite common especially if there is vigorous activities going on!) I still cant believe i never felt it but there you go! The chances of getting pregnant with the coil, when taking into account ones that are missplaced or moved is actually worse than being on the pill.

Ps DS is 18months now!

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