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Bleeding after 18months on nexplanon

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Hannah12933 Thu 28-Jan-16 17:56:32

Hi I am new to this so I could be in the total wrong place!!.. But anyways I have the nexplanon implant this is my third one.. I am coming on to 18 month with no period!! But now since the the 1st December I have had irractic none stop heavy bleeding.. I think it's coming to an end and then a few hours later it's so heavy again.. I mean I have never been used to periods as I was a late starter and pregnant in the same year then straight on to the implant!! It's not heavy that I am bleeding threw tampax but it's there and it's getting. Me down now!! I bleed more when sat on the toilet.. Been to the docs and they where really unhelpful no answers of them apart from a pack of pills!! Help please lol hope it kinda makes sense x

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