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Mirena coil 1 My experience (One year and a half years since insertion). Mother of two teenagers. I am age 47.

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lucycatmac Sat 23-Jan-16 15:48:14

This is my experience so far for anyone considering a Mirena coil.
I ummed and erred for months because of negative reviews and my concerns were:
1) Would insertion hurt? The answer was no, I've had more painful cervical smears than the insertion of my mirena coil.
2) Would it mess with my monthly cycle? Yes, it did. I bled constantly, (in an array of colours!) for the obligatory 3 months that the GP told me to wait, until my body got used to it. Then it was another month before I finally went back to my GP and said "Help". She gave me a progesterone pill told me to take it for a month. I only took it for only one week! It did the job, I stopped bleeding and have gone on to a normal cycle. My periods only last a couple of days, do not hurt and are light, (just a smear of blood). I am 47 and compared to the heavy periods I was having before, it's a walk in the park.
3) Would I put on weight? No, not so far. I feel thinner around the middle.
4) Would I loose my sex drive? No, not so far. I was worried about this, however I am happy to say that I have noticed no difference. Sex is just as welcome and enjoyable as before.
5) Would I get spots? No. The doctor told me that this was less likely because the hormonal content is tiny and localised to the womb. She was right.
All in all it was the right decision for me. I am very happy. I hope this post helps others.

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