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Sterilisation recovery - what's right and what's not...

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lauradotp Mon 18-Jan-16 11:47:48

I underwent a laparoscopic sterilisation a few days before Christmas, and was told the procedure went fine with no problems. I had a bit of an issue with the lower wound bleeding once home, but I had dressings so I just replaced the old ones and it stopped after a couple of days. There was a substantial amount of bruising around the lower incision too, which my sister (medically trained) said looked more like a bleed, so I went to see my GP. He agreed, told to keep an eye on it. It didn't get any worse after the first week, post op, and the black/purple faded after about 3 weeks. However, I've had a lot of pain in my left side just below my hip bone, and two GP's have put it down to my body needing time to get used to the clip on that side. Because of the pain, I was given another two weeks off (after the first week self-cert) and told to rest. Went back to work middle of last week...and had to go home again. I'm still quite bloated (only put on 3lbs over Christmas, so it's not chocolate retention!) so I have to be careful about what clothes I wear as my normal work wear digs in and causes more pain on my left side, but I was wearing a shift dress and maternity tights (again, normal tights are out). My GP has given me another week off, but assured me that I shouldn't need any longer.
Anyway, what i'd like to know is - when the hell will the pain stop!? I can't keep taking time off work as HR have already started circling (1.5 days sick in 12 months, but post op recovery has taken me into the 'red'), but the pain is quite severe. Also, it gets worse if I need a wee but need to hold it (say, if i'm on the phone) and walking for more than a couple of minutes also winds it up. Lastly, did your periods return on schedule? I was told there'd be no disruption but i'm a week late so i'm kinda dreading the first one and would rather not be in work when it decides to hit, tbh.

TheFuzz Tue 19-Jan-16 23:08:10

These things can take time. I had the snip but was off over a month due to complications. I'm afraid you must listen to your body and the docs.

My simple op has lead to 4 months sick in 3 years as I have chronic pain so I'm well on HR'S radar and had to see occy health. Things do sometimes take longer.

lauradotp Thu 21-Jan-16 15:50:06

Thanks for your response. OH have already been in touch, but not quite sure that there's anything that can be done to make my job easier as I have a desk job. Still, if the pain becomes a long-term thing and leads to additional time off in the future, at least I've cooperated.
I've been given another dose of antibiotics as my GP thinks there may be an underlying infection, so hoping (gee, hoping for an infection??) it's that and not my immune system thinking that the clip is something it needs to destroy!

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