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mirena coil - is it that bad?

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Mackers123 Sun 10-Jan-16 21:23:06

Hi all, I am 48 and periods are a bit all over the place, either I miss one, or I bleed for a long time, or I only have a break of 10 days before bleeding again. I do have some fibroids but Dr says they are small so not causing problems. I am due to have a hysteroscopy next week to check me out.

I had the cooper coil fitted around 5 years ago, which on the whole has been good. Dr says they have to remove this to carry out the hysteroscopy. After that they want to fit the mirena coil.

I have just read the ongoing chat about the Mirena and it's scared the hell out of me. I can see there are some positive posts but most are not. I do suffer from depression and put on weight easily so am worried I am doing the right thing.

Any advice would be appreciated.

DramaAlpaca Sun 10-Jan-16 21:31:37

I was 46 with very erratic periods when I got my mirena coil. I had it put it at the same time as having a hysteroscopy. It's been in for five years and my GP is happy to leave it for a couple more so hopefully it'll see me through the menopause.

I'm one of the lucky ones who hasn't had any problems with it. I suffer from depression but it hasn't worsened. I have gained weight, but I honestly don't think the coil is to blame for that. It did take time to settle down and I was very sore for a couple of weeks, but since then no problems whatsoever, and no periods except for a very slight bleed once a year or so.

I can honestly say it's changed my life for the better. I realise some women don't get on with it, but just wanted to give you a positive story.

Rumours Sun 10-Jan-16 21:32:34

I am on my 3rd mirena coil now and have had no problems. Just a bit of pain on insertion which is to be expected. Take some pain killers half an hour before insertion should help. You don't end to read lots if negative stories. All the people who that have no problems don't tend to leave as much feedback unfortunately.

BlueBlueBelles Sun 10-Jan-16 21:34:15

I'm coming up 5 years with mine and will have no qualms having it replaced in May. Had v. Heavy PCOS periods and it's changed my life.

Givemecoffeeplease Sun 10-Jan-16 21:35:37

I love mine. Having 3rd fitted this week.

Justmuddlingalong Sun 10-Jan-16 21:41:34

I hated it with a passion. About 11 months of spotting straight. Bloated belly, like 6 months pregnant bloated. Itchy rashes. Hysterical mood swings and a horrible brain fugginess that was quite frightening at times. Dr was happy to remove it. If you do go ahead and get one, chances are you'll be fine, but don't put up with it if you're not.

Mackers123 Sun 10-Jan-16 22:17:26

thank you ladies. I think it's sensible to give it a go and as justmuddling says have it taken out if it doesn't suit me. fingers crossed

Greengrass1982 Mon 11-Jan-16 06:48:21

Everyone is different worth trying it can always have it taken out . I was one of the unlucky ones bad mood swings migranes etc ....

Seashell70 Mon 11-Jan-16 07:23:50

I can echo justmuddlin. I'm a bit depressive given the chance and full on wave of depression hit not within days of having a coil fitted, sorry. I then had antidepressants and the weight gain that went with it. Decided to stop the tablets and remove the coil and feel better with periods on a low saturated fat diet now.

Others love it and I can see it could be brilliant. All the best

Seashell70 Mon 11-Jan-16 07:24:20

*hit me

snowfallisbeautiful Mon 11-Jan-16 07:27:26

I'm 50 and it's one of the best things I've ever done, 3 years of having it and my life is so different in a good way.

I have no history of depression though.

BishopBrennansArse Mon 11-Jan-16 07:28:00

I wasn't keen and terrified of insertion. However after bleeding for 12 months solid I opted to have one put in whilst having a hysteroscopy under GA.

It's been great but for other reasons I'm now looking at sterilisation. (Lifelong meds that mean pregnancy really isn't an option).

Feeches Mon 11-Jan-16 07:39:40

I absolutely hated mine. Migraines and terrible mood swings. I don't necessarily think I was typical though as everyone reacts differently. Speak to your doctor about your fears and have a plan in place to remove it if you feel it's not for you.

Duckdeamon Mon 11-Jan-16 07:42:07

Mine was OK ish with respect to weight and periods but IMO was v bad for my mental health. Removal was straightforward. Also had morning sickness symptoms sometimes.

ftmsoon Mon 11-Jan-16 07:43:27

I loved mine. Had it removed to have DD, will definitely have another when we decide what to about DC2.

puzzledleopard Thu 14-Jan-16 22:58:07

I hope you dont mind I've been reading this thread with interest, Have you decided weather to have it or not yet?

I went to my review appointment regarding the pill and they are really pushing this coil (Apparently its more cost effective for them) Reasons for pushing me for this is the fact I suffer from IBS and sometimes have terrible stomach issues which can make the pill less effective. I've had several mc this year so they want this option as I am running out of options contraceptive wise. The odd thing I've read so far makes it sound like a nightmare!

I had the Implant on recommendation like this and had the worst time ever and they refused to take it out till I had given it a fair go which ended up being 2 years of mood swings, Low sex drive and bleeding erratically! I dont want to be in that situation with the demanding and refusal to remove it.

I have a backwards tilted womb which makes inspections, Smears, checking dilation agonising and always drawn out process. Anyone any issues with fitting and the pain afterwards?

My partner is very supportive of whatever I choose but he's read a few horror stories of his own and is a bit concerned about the strings that hang down and that they can be felt and he could potentially be impaled by them and the fact again I might have a battle over removal if it doesn't suit.

tootsietoo Thu 14-Jan-16 23:05:07

Mine is great. I had a copper coil for 5 years as I was worried about the hormones in the mirena, but it was a nightmare, such heavy periods. So. Got a mirena and have had no problems at all, and no periods, which is such a relief. I was even offered a 10 year one, "to take me through to the menopause". Which was a bit of a shock, I hadn't realised it was that soon! Fabulous thing, try it.

FishenNuggets Thu 14-Jan-16 23:08:24

I had one fitted yesterday. I think I was an extreme case but my blood pressure dropped and I had to lie down at the doctors for 30 mins after until I could get myself up and about without wanting to vomit.

I was poorly most of yesterday, still not right today: cramps, exhaustion, nausea and vomiting. Although the last 2 could just be my body's weird way of handling things. Exhaustion and nausea seem to go in hand in hand for me.

Today, no cramps, just tired and nauseous although now that could be because I didn't want to eat after yesterday...

Pain wise, it hurt going in and for a good couple of hours afterwards. But as I said, fine now.

I don't think I was a typical case tho. The doctor said the appointments are 30 mins long 'just in case' someone needs extra time and whilst some people reacted how I did, it wasn't typical. I needed 40 mins in there!

StillShopalot Fri 15-Jan-16 18:44:03

I loved mine for three years. Took about four months to settle down but then no periods so thought it was wonderful.......until I got pregnant that is with coil in place. Twelve week eptopic pregnancy and emergency surgery, can't say I'm so keen on it now smile

patcast Mon 18-Jan-16 21:46:13

I have the mirena coil for 3 years now. I always noticed horrible mood swings, gained some weight, hair loss and acne...loads of acne. I'm almost 40 but I have more acne than when I was a teen. Besides that I am now getting severe pain in my lower back. The GP doesn't associate any of that with the coil, but I've read somewhere that Mirena can cause arthritis and acne. Does anyone have experience of arthritis and acne with Mirena?

Also I got pregnant with DS while on the pill+condom (as I had been sick) and of DD while on condoms...I can't take the pill due to a heart condition.

I had the copper coil but I my periods were so heavy I ended up in A&E every month so that's not really an option.

Recommendations anyone? I can't have any more children due to my heart condition (my last pregnancy was risk 9 in a 10 point grading scale and I spent most of the time in hospital or at home in bed rest). Many thanks...

alltouchedout Mon 18-Jan-16 22:01:17

To be honest I dislike it, but have it for two reasons. One, I have twice become pregnant using other forms of contraception so I wanted something really effective- ds3 was a huge surprise and a fourth dc just doesn't bear thinking about. Two, it more or less stops my periods and seems to bring my hormonal, cycle driven acne under control.
The negatives include the mood swings, bleak sadness, rage, tearfulness, coccyx pain, cramping, sore breasts, headaches, nausea, lowered sex drive, odd feeling of foetal movement when there is definitely no foetus present, and very heightened sense of smell. On balance it's just worth it as it is do effective a contraceptive, but there are days I really am ready to rip it out!

lapsedorienteerer Mon 18-Jan-16 22:07:06

I am (at 53.5 eeek!) entering my 10th year of mirena! I should add I'm on my 2nd one, clearly they have worked for mesmile 10 years of nil periods has been bliss, yes I have gained weight but to be honest that's not exactly unusual at my agesmile. For me the positives have far, far outweighed any negatives.

steppemum Mon 18-Jan-16 22:16:25

I had very very heavy periods, so bad I struggled to do the school run (10 min walk)

The mirena coil ahs been a life saver for me, totally releasing.

expatinscotland Mon 18-Jan-16 22:22:42

I had hella acne on it, patcast. Very low mood, no libido, and bled/spotted every single day for 10 months before they stopped fobbing me off that it would 'settle' and took the fucking thing out.

pat, I'd ask to be sterlised if I were you.

puzzled I would not have a Mirena with your history. Just be very firm with them.

They try to hard sell that fucking thing to me even now, I'm 45 next month and my husband had a vasectomy 5 years ago. 'But you could still get pregnant!' By whom, Gerard Butler?! I finally told them, 'NO, I can't get pregnant! My husband had clear results from vasectomy over and over, that was 5 years ago and I don't shag anyone else! I don't want a Mirena again, EVER.'

Dungandbother Tue 19-Jan-16 06:23:55

I love mine.
I never had any problems with pill though.

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