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When to expect AF after coming off pill

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RogerTheTodgerDodger Sun 10-Jan-16 21:06:35

I last took the progesterone only pill on 10th December and still no sign of AF. In the past, when I've stopped taking it or even forgotten, I've had a 'period' within a few days. I did have one after I stopped taking it, but nothing since.
When is it likely to show up? I'm still BF too.
side note I am not TTC

littleemma1 Tue 17-Jan-17 11:29:52

HI RogerTheTodgerDodger

I am in a similar situation around the same time frame.
I came off the pill after 10 years as I really started to feel it was taking its toll! Not TTC so currently using other methods (probably not the safest but that's a different topic!)
I had my last period the first week of December 2016 and have not taken the pill since.
I am yet to have another period which I know is normal but I have noticed some strange things happening to my body (pregnancy test taken and came back negative so our current contraceptive method seems to be working!)
1. My boobs have grown and are so tender around the sides
2. My nipples seem to be much more pronounced
3. I am experiencing what feel like PMS cramping but no period as yet
4. Sex is SO much better and my libido has returned with a vengeance! (Although I never thought I had a problem with it!)
5. My vaginal fluid seems to have increased ten-fold!

Have you experienced anything like this?!

Thanks in advance!

Emma x

DorothyHarris Wed 18-Jan-17 16:49:31

I'm watching with interest, I came off cerelle in early November after only around weeks and still haven't had anything.

littleemma1 Wed 18-Jan-17 22:16:30

Hi DorothyHarris, did you have any similar symptoms? emma x

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